Hand Pulled Noodles (Easier Version)

Our Chinese area unit crazy regarding noodles. Joined of the foremost vital staple food in Northern China, noodles will be created with many ways in which and ways.

Hand Pulled Noodles (Easier Version)

Traditionally Lanchou hand-pulled noodle may be a secret lapsed generations and that we area unit virtually not possible to handle it reception (however it's my commit to learn within the next year). However there area unit invariably shortcuts and simple for house woman version. We tend to decision it the house chef’s intelligence once facing toothsome foods: we are going to finally make out easy ways in which and approach the result.

To make a sleek and elastic hand-pulled noodles reception, we tend to solely would like 3 quite common ingredients and enough resting time and patience. Even through we want to form the noodles elastic, I still counsel victimisation all purpose flour and therefore the correct amount of salt.

Hand Pulled Noodles (Easier Version)

Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles typically use plant ash primarily contains carbonate or caustic resolution. However with this homespun version, all we want is that the correct amount of salt. Salt will facilitate to tighten the protein network. Generally, the snap of the noodle is betting on the quantity of flour, water and salt. On one hand, the dough ought to be powerful enough therefore the noodles area unit elastic and sleek on surface. On the opposite hand, it ought to be thereforeft enough so we will simply pull into an extended enough strip. however the protein relaxes at the side of the time, therefore more durable dough needs longer resting time whole softer dough would like a shorter restful time. I will introduce 2 ways in which of constructing the noodles- hand-pulled flat noodles and hand-pulled la main noodles . They share a same dough however completely different|completely different} treating processes and slightly different in final texture and style.

Hand Pulled Noodles (Easier Version)

  • 300 g all-purpose flour ,you can use high gluten flour too, require more water and more resting time
  • 2 g salt
  • 155 ml water ,you can use 130ml to 170ml water, more information, see Note1
  • oil for coating or flour for dusting

  1. Mix salt with flour.
  2. Add water and knead for 5-6 minutes until the dough becomes quite smooth on surface If you feel this process is hard to finish one time, resting the dough for 15 minutes and then re-knead for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Cover with wet cloth (to avoid it drying out), cover and rest for 15 minutes.

To pull the noodles
Method 1: thin la mian method 
  1. Roll out the dough to a large wrapper (rectangle if possible). Cut the wrapper to 1cm wide stripes. Dust flour and shape the long strips to around thick noodles. We will stretch the noodles before cooking. Cover the rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour until you can easily pull the noodles
  2. When the noodles are well rested, stretch the noodles slightly and we get long thin la main noodles.

Method 2: flat noodles
  1. Prepare a plate and brush some vegetable oil on surface. Cut the noodle dough into 6-8 portions (as equal as possible) Shape each one into a tongue or a rectangle and brush oil around. Cover with plastic wrapper and let the noodle rest for 1 hour.
  2. Take one portion out, press the center with a chopstick so we can separate the noodles later. Hold the two ends of the noodle strip and smash it against the operating board. You can slightly stretch it during the smashing process. But do not hurry; slow down so that you will not break it. At last separate the noodles along with the chop sticker trace.

how to cook the noodles
  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boiling and then add a small pinch of salt. Cook the noodles for 4-5 minutes over medium fire. You can make a hot oil noodle or vegetable soup noodle.

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